The Orality Project

What is Orality

An estimated 4.35 billion oral learners make up about 2/3 of the world's population.

It is no different for the people in Turkey.

An oral learner is best at understanding non-written forms of communication.

So, just like you, hearing a sermon in church, or listening to your teacher in school is going to convey more meaning and comprehension than reading a book or manual.

In the same way music, drama, and art speak to our emotions as well as our mind. Therefore, attention is focused on the character of God and His love, grace and desire for relationship with His children.

For Turkey, especially, as a developing nation with a radically different culture, it is crucial to be able to speak in the way which will effect heart change and inner transformation in Turkish believers' lives.


The Workshops

As of 2015, we have conducted five seminars / workshops in Turkey: two in Istanbul, one in Izmir, one in Antalya, and one in Ankara.

The purpose of the workshops is to raise awareness of and provide training in oral methodologies for both sharing the Gospel and discipling believers.

Orality workshops delve into the following:

  • Emphasize the differences between literate and oral learning strategies.
  • Educate people about opportunities IN TURKEY for sharing the Gospel to oral learners.
  • Demonstrate the various styles of presenting the Good News of Jesus Christ in CULTURALLY APPROPRIATE ways.
  • Conduct “How-To” workshops on different media that can be used to reach oral learners most effectively.
  • Facilitate communication about orality in the worker community and the churches in Turkey.
  • Train people in Turkey how to use the oral methodology to EVANGELIZE unbelievers and STRENGTHEN believers, using music, drama, storytelling, poetry, the visual arts, and multi-media presentations.


How Do You Get in Touch with Us?

If you would like to find out more about the Orality Project, about hosting a workshop, or about attending a workshop, contact:

Dr. Frank Martin at: [email protected]


The "Vision" of Orality

The Orality Project exists to promote, equip, and facilitate oral learning in Turkey...

  • to educate
  • to empower

...the people of Turkey and others around the world.