Christian Character: Remade in the Image of God

Summary statement about the book:


Christian Character, Remade in the Image of God is about what we look like when the process of discipleship is completed. The end result of spiritual growth is spiritual maturity. Yet what is Christian character? What does a mature Christian look like? What are the core qualities of a mature believer, one who has been transformed from the inside out, according to Scripture?  This is a guide book for those of us who want to understand what it looks like to be restored to the image of God. It will stimulate you to keep on the path of inner transformation, allowing God to have His way with you.

In the first volume Dr. Martin defines Christian character, then talks about inner transformation and the agents of transformation (God’s Word and God’s Spirit).  He then discusses theological issues related to Christian character; law and grace and Christian character; then contrasts a Biblical concept of character with our cultural concept of character.

In the second volume Dr. Martin presents the specifics of what Christian character looks like.  He discusses the fruit of the Spirit and the characteristics of the sinful nature, then examines the character of God as the model which we are to imitate.  In each of three chapters, he examines in depth the various character qualities in two categories – those related to our relationship with God and those related to our relationship with other people.

It is our sincere conviction that you will never be the same after you discover what God wants to do in your life through the work of God’s Spirit in your inner being.  A good God wants to do great things in your life so that you become all that He intends you to be.  These two volumes will help guide you in your quest for inner transformation.

Description of the book:


There have been many books written for the Christian market about Christian character.  How is Dr. Martin qualified to write a book on Christian character?

  1. He has taught for many years in different countries and settings about Christian character.
  2. He has striven to put the principles into practice in his own life
  3. This book combines both theoretical information with practical information.
  4. He has a Master’s Degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Phoenix Seminary. His doctoral dissertation was about developing Christian character in Turkey.
  5. He has served on a team for the last 15 years which has applied the principles of Christian character in designing a program for discipleship in the churches in Turkey. The team is still active in producing lessons to be used in small group settings in churches in Turkey.
  6. He has 22 years experience as a pastor.


How is this book unique?


  1. This book focuses on the end product of Christian character, and answering the question ‘what does a mature believer look like’. It is not focused on the process of discipleship, but on what a mature believer looks like, what spiritual maturity
  2. It has in-depth Biblical scholarship, allowing the Bible to speak for itself. There is a commitment to innerancy of Scripture.
  3. The book contains a discussion of 187 character qualities, some negative (part of the sinful nature) and some positive (the fruit of righteousness), which God wants to work into your life.

Outline of the two volumes:


Contents of Volume One:

Introduction – Join the Quest

Chapter 1 – The Definition of Christian Character

Chapter 2 – Inner Transformation

Chapter 3 – The Agents of Inner Transformation

Chapter 4 – Theological Perspectives

Chapter 5 – Law and Grace in Christian Character

Chapter 6 – Cultural Concepts of Character

Conclusion – Complete the Quest


Contents of Volume Two:

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – The fruit of the Spirit

Chapter 3 – The sinful nature

Chapter 4 – Christian character and God’s character

Chapter 5 – Character qualities related to our relationship with God

Chapter 6 – Character qualities related to our relationship with other people – Part 1

Chapter 7 – Character qualities related to our relationship with other people – Part 2

Chapter 8 – Conclusions and implications

Some quotes from the book:


The Christian walks with Jesus to learn from Jesus how to be like Jesus. (Page 24, quote from Dallas Willard)

Christians are not just better people. We are transformed people. (Page 34)

God wants us to be very active in the process of our sanctification. (Page 64)

We were designed by God to imitate Him. (Page 68)

Sanctification is usually a lengthy process and never reaches perfection in this life. (Page 76)

We are not called to be good people; we are called to be redeemed people. (Page 94)

Biblical Christianity starts from the premise that humans are under the authority of God. (Page 114)

God created us and only He knows what we need in order to be emotionally healthy. (Page 123)

Christian character is the foundation for everything we do in our lives. (Page 132)

We cannot make disciples without being a disciple. (Page 138)